Valle d’Itria and surroundings

The magic of the white cities of Puglia, from the countryside to the sea, the surprise continues.

Choose a guided tour in the Itria Valley to discover all its secrets, or stroll without haste in the alleys of some of the most beautiful villages in Italy.

Let yourself be carried away by the festive atmosphere that will populate the alleys of these small open-air beauty chests every evening. We will be at your disposal to advise you best.

The villages of Valle d’Itria and surroundings

Just some of the many places to visit, in reality we are in the center of Puglia so a visit to Lecce would also be advisable with its sophisticated baroque architecture, Bari, the regional capital, with its beautiful promenade and the largest historical center in the region , Matera, the city of stones, capital of culture 2019, unique in its kind and much more.


The white city par excellence A few kilometers and you will find yourself wrapped in a thick blanket of fairy tale and magic.

Years of history that embrace and support a town of a thousand curiosities. Strolling, sniffing, holding hands to discover how fascinating it is to get lost among a thousand winding paths caressing sturdy walls made of whipped cream … Here everything is white, lime white like the purity of the air you breathe, one more step and here is the breathtaking panorama of green countryside chasing the blue Adriatic Sea. Art has taste here in Ostuni, ancient oriental reminiscences intertwine with hints of flowery Romanesque, from the Apulian baroque to the nineteenth-century neoclassicism.

Ceglie Messapica

The capital of Messapia.
Controversial stories that tell and fascinate.

Stories of strenuous battles, of tiring resistances, stories of one of the most ancient peoples of Puglia and probably of Italy.
Climb to the top and, with an aquiline gaze, give life to your fantasies, a landscape of soft colors, gentle hills and romantic lights paint the scenery of the nativity scene of the Itria valley. Dive into the intense flavors of the Apulian cuisine par excellence, Ceglie invites you to taste it.

Martina Franca

Its unmistakable elegance, its stately buildings, its dominant position over the Itria valley, Martina Franca.
An invaluable cultural heritage inhabits the town; in its ancient village, in fact, the building art of centuries of history thrives.

A city born from the expert hands of master craftsmen and finished in every single detail. From the Baroque style to the ducal and noble patronage, nothing is left to chance here, in an architectural harmony that rests the eyes and excites the spirit.


Let yourself be pampered by the pleasure of feeling good. Peace and hospitality paint this small village like the sofa of relaxation, perched on top of our sweet Murgia. Fragrances, flavors, sparkling breezes and a festive atmosphere cheer up the evenings of this small white stone casket.

Cisternino, between culinary traditions and modern night clubs, between alleys trapped by white houses, internal courtyards and hidden squares flows the sap of delight.


Dreams are desires, but sometimes they can come true. A village perched by the arms of time, almost a world in itself, unmistakable for its ancient houses, the trulli.

It is here that the landscape seems to be drawn by the hands of a happy child, as if one night he had the brilliant intuition of letting us little human beings live in simple, narrow but comfortable houses made of stone, one against the other, almost protect us all together by creating a community of neighbors.


The city of wine doc. Full Valle d’Itria, a delightful village that extends around the mother church and the town hall building, with its characteristic huts with “cummerse” roofs.

It fascinates with its winding streets where everything is shiny white due to the limestone stones of the roofs and the lime that decorates everything. The cellars produce a fragrant and tasty white wine that we invite you to taste.


Putignano is the carnival. The art of papier-mâché masters comes to life and goes on stage in one of the most important events of southern Italy. Over 600 editions of one of the oldest carnivals in the world and the oldest in Europe!

Between January and February and August let yourself be seduced by the papier-mâché technique, a poor material, handmade, but with which old masters and young aspirants create authentic works of art.


Take a leisurely stroll and find out what it means to love your job. Unique, inimitable objects, signed by the tradition and creativity of master craftsmen who have been able to pass down history, the Grottaglie ceramics.

Famous all over the world. But even more intriguing is leaning out of a shop door and coloring the eyes of extraordinary artifacts, chiseled like precious jewels and given to the world of curiosity.

Polignano a Mare

Perched on a rocky outcrop, Polignano offers breathtaking views. An ancient village to be discovered, go into the narrow streets and earn the best place of one of the many balconies overlooking the Adriatic Sea.

Polignano is love and romance, it is said that Cupid wanted to build this small village for the passions of its visitors and it seems that very often unexpected sparks have struck …
Sea excursions to discover the sea caves are a must and in the historic center you can recognize the remains of Roman domination.